About Us

Owl XL CIC activities provide benefit to Social Enterprises, community businesses, social firms and not for profit organisations – anyone who needs to understand and own their planning process in order to be able to demonstrate social impact achieved by their outcomes and social profit.

We will do this by our 5 key activities helping you to build bespoke systems:

  • Working with enterprises to build focussed and measurable plans that reflect the needs of their community, understanding and regularly collecting evidence as the work progresses, building in regular reviews to ensure all the evidence has been collected including soft outcomes.
  • Providing affordable services – we will initially provide a free service for Start-Ups to help secure contracts, funding grants and getting their business underway. Once trading we will provide an affordable service which enables the Social Enterprise to trade and continuously measure community impact and show Social Profit.
  • Working with enterprises to develop easy to use systems to collect evidence of their outcomes – these will be embedded into everyday trading, we believe these need to be bespoke and easy to use by all those involved.
  • Using outcome evidence to help Social Enterprises promote their work – by helping the enterprises to produce detailed reports of their community impact and Social Profit delivered this will help show future customers the quality of service offered and what they can expect for their own reporting.
  • Encourage collaboration and partnership working – essential when working in the community to meet identified needs and build sustainability. We believe the sharing of resources will enable a better community impact and Social Profit delivery.

If Owl XL CIC makes surplus profit it will be used to supplement our costs to help Start Ups and for The Rotary Foundation UK.

Owl XL CIC  Company no: 12060780